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Duchess Collection 

" Average seat height is "20"

Diamond Buttons 

Dimension: 26"Wx23"Dx54"H


Gold & Black Duchess

Silver & White Duchess


Gold & White Duchess

Midnight Black Duchess

Dutchess Collection

Gold & White

Dutchess Collection 

Crown Jewel Collection 

" Average seat height is "18-19 inch"

Diamond Buttons 

Dimension: 37" W x 30 " D x 72" H 


Gold & Black Crown Jewel 

Silver & White Crown Jewel 


Gold & White Crown Jewel 

Regal  Collection 

" Average seat height is "22"

Diamond Buttons / Primer Accent Regal Elements 

Dimension: 36"Wx27"Dx70"H


Gold & Black Regal 

Grey Regal  


Gold & White Regal 

Gold & Red Regal 

Throne Collection 


White Pearl Throne 

White & Silver Settee


Gold & White Settee 

Midnight  Throne 

Rental Inquiry Request 



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Thank your considering Everlasting Memories Royal Seating Collection. 

Please take a moment to complete the rental request and we will work to have rental proposal back to you within 24-48 hours. 

The proposal will include the rental, along with the taxes, delivery, and processing fee/ charges. 

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